Spider – Absence Entry (Roll Marking)

Click here to view a video on Roll Marking in Spider

Absence Entry is a control that allows you to mark a teacher’s class roll.  The Absence Entry control is linked to the student absences. When a roll is generated, it will reflect any absence data already entered, as well as the current roll status.  A visual summary of any students unexplained absences is indicated by a red circle. Hovering over this icon will give you more detail about it.

Hovering over the blue circle will show the current roll markings for the day. The series of coloured bars indicate that information is available about the student. This includes medical alerts and comments, student and family alerts, as well as indicating if the student is an international student.

If you attempt to mark the roll in a non timetabled/roll marking day, eg school holidays, a warning will pop up in the header row to tell you the data brought to the screen is from the next timetabled week. This is only shown briefly.


To mark a roll, first select your class. If you have been given security 1105 “Restrict Roll Marking to User”, you will only be able to mark your own rolls. Without this security, you can select another staff member and mark a roll allocated to them. Upon displaying the roll for the selected period you may receive a popup message advising that some students in your class have been recorded as arriving to school late, or leaving school early.

Advises teachers of students who may not be in class due to late arrival at school or leaving school for an appointment etc.

Schools can choose up to 6 codes to make available as buttons to the right of the student’s name (click here for instructions). NM (Not Marked) will always appear as default. Teachers only need to mark the absent students, as when the [Save] button is pressed, the option to mark the remaining students as present becomes available. Staff are able to change an absence type, however this will generally require a comment to be entered. Staff may also change an absent reason to a present to accurately reflect the status of a student should an advanced absence have been put in which is not come to pass. The only restriction a staff member has is that an explained reason cannot be changed to unexplained.


The red spot indicates the student has an unexplained absence in the last 30 days.  Clicking on the red spot takes you to the by period view of the day containing the unexplained mark.



  1. Placing a tick in this box will tick all periods for the day selected
  2. Individual periods can also be ticked to alter
  3. Select the status to change from and to, give the reason where required
  4. [Update] will process the change
  5. Clicking [Reload from start of the year] will reload to show all unexplained marks for the student for the whole school year. This feature is designed to update unexplained absences, not as a tool for general absence review.


If, when marking the roll, an absent code is recorded, this will create an absent record. Any previously recorded absences will show within the roll. As well as marking the absent code for the period, an overall “Status” for the absent record. Click here for further details.

When marking a roll for multi periods, you can  now select the Green button labelled Save for Multi Periods.



If you wish to enter an absence code other than those shown on the quick entry buttons, first check the box next to the student/s. This will show a drop-down for all possible absence reasons. This allows  a reason to be selected and applied to one or more students.


Attendance Code Buttons

The absence codes showing on the buttons  are determined by the first 5 codes in your AttendanceCodes.xml file, found in the PCSchool server’s …\PCSchool\Documents folder. Your school may wish to change which codes are available for staff to use. It is recommended to have the Unexplained, Present and Late codes as the first 3, followed by the most regularly used 2. Present is required to change an unexplained to an appropriate code if the student enters late.

IMPORTANT: Some states/countries have set codes based on Education Department requirements. DO NOT add additional codes if they are mandated. New Zealand and New South Wales currently have mandatory codes. Information about how to change the order can be found by clicking the following: Attendance Codes

The blue [Behaviours] button will take you directly to the screen to enter a behaviour note for the class or selected individuals.