ACARA (due end August)

ACARA (Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority)

Information collected:   School Name, Calendar Year, Student ID, Grade of Student enrolment,  Date of Birth, Sex, ATSI Statement,  Students Main SLG, Parent/s: Schooling,  Highest Non School Education, Occupation, Main SLG;


Make sure you are on the latest followup Version 2018.0.0.497 or higher


Step 1:  Creating the file

Path:  Scholatics > Subjects>Data Capture tab #6 Dept Educ(Aust)

Once the student information has been checked and verified you can create the ACARA File via

  1. [School number] type in
  2.  [File Format] select from drop down
  3.  [roll Return Date] type in Year you are working on
  4.  Tick the boxes as per screen shot
  5.  [Identify Year 7 as] select (if you are both primary & secondary select secondary and the system will ask you later for more information
  6.  [File Name] click the drop down and save the file where you can access it
  7.  [Preview]

Step 2:  Select the [Error Log] tab and check for errors:

If there are any critical errors they need to be corrected before the file can be Completed / created (the ones next to the margin
You can proceed if only non- Critical errors

Step 3: Upon selecting ‘Complete’ the file

Creation to prompt the ACARA Key School Data screen to appear. You will need to ensure you enter the correct information for your school.