Advising Caregivers of Direct Debit Drawdowns

Through PCSchool Student Management Software schools can send our advice to debtors of intended Direct Debit Drawdowns or Credit Card Sweeps. These can be sent in advance, allowing care givers to ensure they have sufficient funds to cover the draw down, or provide opportunity for them to contact the school to prevent dishonored charges. For more information on setting up Debtor Payment Plans 

Student Management Software School Debtor Management Direct Debit Drawdowns

  1. Check the box to trigger emailing of those in the batch Tagged to Print
  2. Select an appropriate report to be attached to the email to give the care giver additional details such as the account or card to be impacted.

Once clicked to Execute the program will enable the user to construct the email message.

School Management Debtor Management

Construct your message

  1. Click this key to insert the payment amount into the body of the message
  2. The amount to be drawn from the bank is shown within the text for the individual care giver. This is a mail merge field displaying data from the previous screen.
  3. Massage can be saved for future use when advising care givers of future payment runs
  4. Click to proceed with the email run.

These emails can be sent out a couple of days before the run is executed. Should parents advise an inability to secure the funds then they can be readily removed from the execution batch prior to preparing the file for the bank.

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