AEDC (Australian Early Development Census) due June

The Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) is collected every three years, with the ​2018 AEDC data collection being the ​fourth collection. The census involves teachers of children in their first year of full-time school completing a research tool, the Australian version of the Early Development Instrument. The Instrument collects data relating to five key areas of early childhood development referred to as ‘domains’, these include:

  • Physical health and well being
  • Social competence
  • Emotional maturity
  • Language and cognitive skills
  • Communication skills and general knowledge

How to get the report from PCSchool

(You will have to have the latest Followup 2018.0.0.66 or higher )

Path:  Scholastic > Subjects > Data Capture

Select the students required using a tagset – as per above example:

  1. Select [Selection Criteria]
  2. Select [Use a Tag Set]
  3. Select the [Year Level tab]
  4. [From Year Level] – select the students you require
  5. Click [Add Selected to List]
  6. If any Students are not to be included – remove the tick
  7. Select the appropriate option [Return Tagged Only] etc

Step 2 Prepare the File

Select the [DEPT EDUC (Aust) tab #6]
On the [Prepare File tab]

  1. [School number]  This can be found in Utilities/System File Maintenance/School Number
  2. [File Format] select the report AEDC
  3. [File name]  Select where you will be able to find this file  (note:  the extension will default using the School Number and the Year. To check the file save as a .csv (overtype the .txt).  
  4. [Unique Student Identifier] select [Internal Student #] is the preferred selection for Identifying Students.
  5. [English as second Language] select  If a language other than English is spoken at home and in Student View/Enrolment, ‘Language other than English’ has been ticked you will need to select ‘Language other than English’ instead of the default of ‘Use MCEETYA language’.
  6. Checking this box will add the [Ethnicity of Non-Aboriginal to any Students] where the Ethnicity has not been entered.
  7. Click [Preview]

Select [OK]

Step 3 Check the [Error Log]

Warning Only – this will not stop you completing the file and you can can go to the next step

Critical Warning must all be corrected before you can continue (note:  the COMPLETE button will only become active once these are addressed)

To fix:

  1. Highlight an error line in Error Log
  2. Open Student View and correct the errors;
  • Student Ethnic/Language errors can be corrected in Enrolment/Origins – Ethnic and Scholastic.
  • Parental errors can be corrected in Family Miscellaneous/Family Ethnicity

 Step 3 Once all errors corrected – create file and check

Once all the errors have been corrected you must run the Preview again until no Critical Errors

Step 4 COMPLETE and create the file so you can upload

You may need to open it with notepad and delete the entire first row (headings), then save this file as .csv file.

To upload the file needs to be a .txt – so resave file.

Find the file and upload.



Note: To get a report of your in Indigenous students

Path: Scholastics > Administration> Enrolment Reports

  1. Use your tagset of students
  2. Select the [Report Style] as show above
  3. [Print]
  4. Next question just ignore and OK
  5. You will get a list of all students from your tagset with their Ethnicity