Assigning Assessment Request Indicators for NZQA

PCSchool Student Management Software has implemented the new initiative of NZQA to identify student preferences for Digital Submission or Digital Exams as introduced in April 2017.

The changes below are in Curric Ver 2016.0.0.502 or greater.

NZQA Student Management Software PCSchool

NZQA Standards files released after April 2017 have standards tagged as per availability of Digital Exams or Digital Submissions. The standards within PCSchool will now reflect those entries where students may elect Digital submissions or Digital Exams.

Student management assessment nzqa

Indicates standards where students can elect Digital Assessment options


Assigning assessment options to standards

Assessment options can be entered individually to specific students and their standards

student management software

Assigning to individual standards


Assigning to all students through the Curriculum Plan

Assessment options can be assigned to all students studying a specific standard either at the time of allocating the standard to all students in the subject, or at a later stage by updating the standard already assigned.


Assigning Assessment Options


Adding Assessment Options to previously assigned standards

Should you wish to add the Assessment Option to standards previously assigned to students this is achieved by selection options as below, as part of assigning the curriculum plan above.

Updating currently assigned standards

This will add the option to current standards. It will not create new standards nor will it impact on results that may have already been entered.


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