Student Residential Address & Parents Names and Other Information Collection 2019

PCSchool has created a new Government Data Capture report to cater for the legislative changes to the Student Residential Address Collection.

You will need to update your PCSchool Curric version to 2018.0.0.343 or above, visit our Downloads page for the latest version here.

An instruction video on where to find and how to extract the Student Address Collection report for 2018 is below 2019 is the same:

Subject to legislative changes, the 2018 Student Residential Address and Other Information Collection will be expanded to include parent and/or guardian names and addresses. To reflect this change, the file specification for uploading to this collection has also been amended. Please see the additional notes below for further details regarding technical changes.

The information included in this document should be considered in conjunction with other collection materials, such as the User Guide.
Additional notes –

Student & Parent records:

  • There is now a student record type (denoted by ‘St’) to collect the student addresses and a parent record type (denoted by ‘Pa’) to collect the names and addresses of parents or guardians for each student.
  • Each student record should normally have two parent records. There is a maximum of 2 parent records allowed per student record.
  • If a student has only one parent or guardian, then only a single parent or guardian record is required.
  • When using the Bulk Upload function, that is, the addresses are uploaded to School Service Point using a .csv file, a minimum of 1 parent record is required per student record. For circumstances where at least 1 parent record is not available, please refer to the User Guide for further guidance.
  • File uploads containing student records without a matching parent record will be rejected.
  • Student names are not being collected.
  • Parent records should include the Client Number, Campus Number and Student Record Number of the corresponding student record, plus the name of the parent or guardian.
  • If the address of the parent or guardian is the same as the student’s address, mark the column [Address same as Student Address] with a ‘Y’ and leave the parent/guardian address fields blank.
  • If the address is different from the student’s address, mark the column [Address same as Student Address] with an ‘N’ and complete the address fields.
  • There is no need to complete the [Primary or Secondary] or [Boarding Student] fields for a parent record type.

Comparison to 2017 Student Residential Address Collection

  • The column previously titled Property or Community Name (Column G) has been removed.
  • The column previously titled Nearest Crossroads or Comments (Column M) has been removed.
  • Due to the removal of the above columns, the 2018 columns have been reordered. In particular, please be aware the 2018 Record Type column (St or Pa) is located in the same column as the 2017 Primary or Secondary (P or S) column. Please ensure data for the correct field is entered.

More details on the Data Specification changes can be found here.