Available eForms to download

eForms are a powerful tools within PCSchool Student Management Software enabling forms to be dynamically designed incorporating workflow technology to be distributed via eMail  or exposed in the Web Portals.

eForms to get you started:

Description Download (by right click > Save link as) Preview
Absence Notification: This eForm can be added to the Parent Portal so parents/caregivers can easily notify the School of their child’s absence.  The workflow in this eForm can be set up to forward to the School Office for administration purposes and then on to Form Teachers etc. Absence Notification  Setup Guide
Staff Database Update: This eForm can be added to your Staff Portal so staff can update their records at anytime. Staff Database Update  Setup Guide
Student Enrolment eForm: this eForm can be added on to your website for potential new enrolment access or email to new families to the School Community. Student Enrolment  Setup Guide