PCSRoute – How to Set Up a Route And Driver

Step 1 :  Email to help@pcschool.net to activate the PCS Route App

Step 2:  Log into the App Portal

PCSchool will advise you that the PCSRoute App has been setup and will send you the URL, Username and Password

Log in to: (https://apps.pcschool.net)

  1. With username (supplied by PCSchool)
  2. Password (supplied by PCSchool)

Step 3:  Setup up your route as follows


  1. The URL
  2. [Change Password]  – If you wish to change the password of the login, then tick “CHANGE PASSWORD”. Please be aware that this is the same login used for other applictaions, such as PCSentry, so please ensure all relevant staff are notified.
  3. Click on [Save]
  4. Manage “Bus Route”
  5. Manage “Bus Drivers”

Step 4:  Manage Bus Routes

  1. Click on the [Bus route]
  2. Click on [Add]
  3. In the Add New box – [Route Name] type the name of your bus route (this can be a generic name i.e. Route 1  and click on [Active”] and click [Save]
  4. Note:  You can add a lot of different routes as required

For editing or deleting a route:


  1. Select the bus route you wish to alter
  2. Edit and existing route
  3. used to delete a route
  4. View the historical data


Before PCS Route can be used, drivers need to be set as as shown below.

Note:  The username / password is used by drivers to login to the app and start the route

Only “Active” drivers can login.

  1. Select [Bus Drivers]
  2. Click on [Add]
  3. In the Add New box – [Drivers Name] type the name of your Driver;  [Phone Number] if the phone number is not entered, then it wont show in the app (so if the school decides not to show the drivers phone number in the app, then don’t type it here);  [Username]  type in a Username;  [Password] type in a password  and click on [Active”] and click [Save]