Term Dates – Setting up at beginning of Year

This document explains how to set your term and holiday dates within Spider which usually needs to be completed before the start of a new year. It can be done well in advance. Your Spider will need to be version 2017.11.06 or higher

Log in to Spider (you will need to have the appropriate security to do this)

Path: Staff (General) > Attendance > Attendance Management > Settings > Manage Calendar

Step 1:  Add Timetable Cycle Dates

These are the term dates (Term 1, Term 2, Term 3 & Term 4)

  • They include the first day of each term to the last day of each term (Do not include weekends, these should be included as holiday dates)
  • They dictate the start day for the timetable (if used)
  • These dates indicate the attendance dates for the students (when the roll should be marked)

Note:  Prior to previous advice, DO NOT delete or overwrite existing entries, please leave these.

Example:  We will add :  Term 1 = 22 January to 29 March

Select [Year] – 2018

  1. Select [Timetable]
  2. Select [Add New]

  1. Select your date range
  2. [Start Day] – enter what timetable day to start on (Eg 1 = Monday, 2 = Tuesday)
  3. [Description] – type in your description for the term. Adding the Year will make it easier to find later.
  4. Select the option that suits your school based on how you run your timetable days.
  5. [Save and Propagate Calendar] to update the changes.

Keep adding new entries until complete – your calendar will then display as follows:

Subject Activity

Optional: Some schools use phases in the Timetable, these can be entered now if known or at a later date.

Select [Subject Activity]

1. Make sure [subject Activity] is shown

2. Select the dates required

3. Type in your [Description]

4. [Save and Propagate Calendar]

Work thru and add all of your Subject Activities

Holiday Dates

Absences and rolls will not be recorded within the date ranges entered. You do not need to enter weekends but must enter all public holidays and any Student free days. If you are not using the Timetable, holiday dates must still be entered otherwise your absences will not calculate correctly. You do not need to add an individual holiday if it falls within the range of another holiday or on a weekend unless you wish it to appear on the calendar.

1. Make sure [Holiday Dates] is shown

2. Select your dates required

3. Type in your [Description]

4. [Save and Propagate Calendar]

Work thru and add all your holiday dates. At the end of this process, ALL calendar days should be accounted for.


If you use Special Days, create as above but select [Special Day]. Special days are days where the entire school may be at a carnival so timetable based rolls do not apply. On a special day, you are only required to mark the form class roll and all other rolls will be flagged as marked.