Census – Commonwealth (due in February & August)

Steps to get a report for the Commonwealth Census from Student information stored in PCSchool.


1.  Ensure your Spider Version is at least 2018.07.25.5

2.  –  5.  Check data has been entered under the correct fields

6.  Run report

Step 1:  Check your Spider Version. Current version available here.

Step 2:  Under Student View check to see if your data has been correctly entered


a) Under Student View > Enrolment tab (4)   – Ethnic Group – this gets populated from the Type E – to update this file see b)

b) Run the Administration > Year End-Housekeeping to update this field

Path:  Scholastic > Year End Housekeeping


 1. Tick in Recalc Ethnic Group

2.  Begin Process

STEP 3:  Under the #4 Enrolment Tab  – if an overseas student and/or Visa, place a Tick in these fields


STEP 4:  Boarders

a) Check in under Utilities  > System File Maintanence >  #2 Non Financial Defaults Tab  – these are the possible Boarders codes


b)  Under Student View -# 5 Scholastic tab   Status = (should be the code you use for Boarders)

STEP 5:   Special Needs – Disability Students

a)  Set up codes required under Path:  Utilities > Maintenance Codes

Select SPECNEED and make up the following codes:

SWD       Student with Disability Status

NCCD     National Consistent Collection disability

b) Select  #6 Personal Tab of Student


a)  Type in the relevant codes and use the drop down boxes to select the appropriate “Lev of Adj” and Category and put a tick in Funding – as above example

STEP 6: Run report Path:  Scholastic  >  Administration  > Age and House Related Reports


1.  Select from Report Style – Census Commonwealth Report

2. Select Age Calculation Date required

3. Select Campus

4. Print

Check the Report – when correct, enter data into your Census report.

To Print Rolls – if requested by Auditors

Path:  Scholastic > Attendance & Behaviour Reports 

(note you may need to download this report and set up under Report Alias – see below for instructions)

Note:   You can now print a full year

  1. Select date range required
  2. Select [Year level] required or *C  (All Current students)
  3. [Report Style] – select [Standard]
  4. [Report Style] – select the [ATTENDAT%NEW.RPT]
  5. [Print]  – this could take a while to print

If unsure if you have your school dates correct, select a student and print report first, then do whole school.

a) To Download new report (note you will need to unzip file)  click here

b) To set up report:

Path:  Scholastics > Utilities > Report Alias Settings

  1. [Clear All] to start
  2. Set up as per screen shot
  3. (Note:   to publish to use in Spider place a tick in Web Publish for Teachers)