CENSUS for Staff

Steps to get a report for the Commonwealth Census from Staff information stored within PCSchool


1.  Download the report (This will be present if your Spider is Version: 2018.08.08.2 or greater)

2.  Make up the report in Report Alias Settings (This will be completed if your Spider is Version: 2018.08.08.2 or greater)

3.  –  4.  Check data has been entered under the correct fields

5.  Run report


Step 1:  Please download this report to do the Census for Staff

Extract the report to …PCSchool\Reports\SQL on the PCSchool’s server


Step 2:  Under Scholastic > Report Alias Settings – set up new report as per screen shot









Step 3: Ethnicity for staff is drawn from from the Staff file as per screen shot:

Step 4:  FTE (Full time & Part time Staff)

Under Payroll > Employee View

Step 5:  Run the report from Payroll > Staff Reports

Double click on each of the headings to call up the report as per screen shot.

(Current Employees report)

(Current Teachers report)


Enter the information in to your Government site.