3. Co-Curricula – allocating Student Activities

How to add the Activities to the Students

See Security (click on link)

Within Spider – open:

Path:  Staff (General) > Student (Co-Curriculum > Student Co-Curriculum    or

Path: Setup & Utilities > Curriculum> Online CoCurriculum Selection

To allocate e.g. Football to students


  1. Use a Tagset – select the students you wish to give the Football activity too.  e.g. mine are Year 11 boys then [Return Tagged] only


2. Select from drop down your Co-Curricula Code e.g. [Sport] [FOOTBA] [FOOTBALL]

3. Select [Teacher Code] from drop down

4. Select [Group Code]

5. [Travel Mode] if required

6. [Comment] if required

7. [Date] of Activity

8. Select how you wish to handle Duplicate entries

9. [Year] select

10. Select [Period ID:] which period you wish to show the activity under

11. [Result]


Example – showing under the Student Information (if you have the security to see this)


To see all Students with that Activity: (under Co-curricular Activities]

  1. Select [Activities by Students]
  2. [Activity Type] select
  3. [Activity] select

Note you can make place ticks in Intra School, Inter School, Representative or Club in here and [Save Changes]