Security Setup – Co-Curricula

Security Required

Path:   Spider> Portal Administration > Utilities > Manage Securities

You will need to be on Version of Spider 2018.03 or higher.

Please see security link in case of changes

Security Object #


Name of security
226 Student Info Co-Curric For Staff to be able to see Co-curric under Student view (Fig.1)
269 Co-Curriculum View Allows access – via [STAFF General > Student Co-Curriculum]

and also [Setup and Utilities > Online Co-Curriculum Selection) gives access to [Student Co–Curr Activities Data Entry]  (Fig. 2)

390 Maintenance code  If you need to change any codes
369 Co-Curriculum Admin ??
225 Online Co-Curric Used in Online Co-Curriculum – For allowing Students to select their own activities online:

Allows Access to [Student Activity Admin] and [Student Activity Line Construction] (Fig. 3)