Create Second Family Identity

This process allows you to create a secondary identity for this user. It will automatically associate the new identity record with the student shown selected in the Student View. This is used for Split Family Relationships where a second Spider login is required, or if an additional care giver requires a separate interview. By default, secondary Identities do not have access to the other Caregivers Information or Address information.

Scenario: Father is the PRIMARY caregiver (student lives with or mostly with Father). Mother is still involved with student and needs to receive copies of assessment reports, correspondence, attend interviews and have her own Spider login. For this scenario the student / family has been set up as follows in Back Office:

Caregiver Tab
Split Family_Caregiver Tab

The tab above indicates, via the icons to the right of each caregiver, that:

  • Father: [pink envelope] = owner / receiver of  correspondence address, [pink cash register] = owner / receiver of account address, [pink tick] = owner of family identity / Spider login.
  • Mother: [grey envelope] = owner / receiver of other address, [grey plus] = can be created as an additional identity for Spider login.

Address > Correspondence Tab
Split Family_Correspondence Tab

Address > Other Tab
Split Family_Other Tab

With the above settings, without creating a second identity, the following is possible:

  • General Email from Back Office – both Father and Mother will be included if  ‘Correspondence’ contacts option is selected.
  • Emerge from Back Office – both Father and Mother will be included if  ‘Correspondence’ contacts option is selected.
  • SMS messaging from Back Office – ONLY Father will be included if any,  ‘Family’, ‘General’ or ‘All Domicile’, options are selected.
  • Email Assessment Reports from Back Office –  both Father and Mother will be included.
  • Email from Spider – both Father and Mother can be included via ‘Primary’ and ‘Alt’ caregiver tabs in email screen.
  • Spider Login – ONLY Father will have a login / password for Spider Parent Portal **will change with creation of second identity**
  • Interview Email from Spider – ONLY Father will receive an email to book interviews  **will change with creation of second identity**
  • Family Profile Update from Spider (if you select both Correspondence and Other addresses) – both Father and Mother will receive link to check information.
    • Father will see own address information (correspondence) and contact information for BOTH Father and Mother.
    • Mother will see ONLY own address information (other) and own contact information.


This can be done quickly and easily by clicking on the [+] button beside the other caregivers (Mother in this scenario) contact details.Split Family_create new identity

  1. Click [+] button beside desired caregiver.
  2. If caregiver is already setup with second FamilyKey for Split Billing purposes you can use that [Existing Identity Record] to create a second login.
  3. If caregiver is NOT setup as per step 2 above, select [Create New Identity Record].
  4. Identity details will default from student view caregiver information – can be edited.
  5. Ensure you enter required information of User Rights Equivalence
  6. [Save] the new identity.
  7. [OK] to close the screen.

Now with the second identity created both Father and Mother have separate logins to the Spider Parent Portal and will receive emails to book separate interview sessions.

Please see document PCSchool ‘Spider’ Setting Up Families for more information on how you should set up student / family information in PCSchool.

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