Creating new folder/s in Document Manager

If you wish to create a new folder within Document manager to all students or e.g. Year 9 students.

From within PCSchool back office

Path: Utilities > eMerge – Bulk processor

  1. Select any existing Template – if you do not have one made a quick one up thru Path:Utilities >eMerge Template Create/Edit 
  2. [Bulk Output Settings]– select where you wish to save the folder in Document Manager from the drop down:   [do Not Save, Save to Family Folder, Save to Student Folder, Save to Restricted Family Folder, Save to Restricted Student Folder, Save to Family Shared Folder or Save to Student Shared Folder]
  3. [Doc Man Output] – select [Folder only]
    [SubFolder] type the name of the folder you want to create
  4. [Add or View Recipients] select the group you wish to make the folder for (this is how we select who we want create a folder for:

a) select [Add Emails] then you will get your tagset up

  1. Select your Tagset (in this example is Year 9 or *C all Students etc)
  2. Select [Yr/Form/House], From Year Level:  9 (for this example)
  3. [Add Selected to List]
  4. [Return All in Grid]
  5. [Add from Tag Set]
  6. [Done]

  1. [Select Output Type] – select RTF
  2. Process eMerge

example of Folder created:


To see how to create a emerge letter and saving to document please click on this link and go to Step 6