Freedom – Creating A Split Billing Family

To create a Split billing family using Freedom

Path: Spider > Setup & Utilities > Freedom – Student & Caregiver Management


Step 1: Select the student you wish to Split bill

Step 2: Addresses/roles tab

Check the family details, address (you will probably have to change – the details and use this one for the main login person

Example of screen with changes

Step 3:  Communications tab

Note:  Mrs Sarah Watson will receive correspondence and account for her.

Mr Richard Watson will receive his account as a split family when we create that account

e.g. of [Student Based] tab

Step 4:  Create the Family Key code

  1. Select [Student] you wish to change
  2. Select [Clone Student [Split Billing]

You will get a message popup as follows:

Press [OK] or no to escape

Step 5:

  1. Note: under [Actions tab] -it shows the Student \SFS=!\ (this is the temporary family until you assign the new Family Key code)
  2. Select [Caregivers] tab
  3. Select [Select/Replace FAMILY UNIT] select from the drop down:
  • [Select/Replace to ‘New FAMILY]

Step 6 a) If an Existing Person – select [Select from Existing Entity] or (if a new Family see Step 5 b)

  1. Search for the name you require
  2. [Search]
  3. Find the name and press the [     ] button

Next screen:

  1. This now show you the Student key/New Family Key code
  2. Select the Relationship and who Lives with
  3. Select the [Address/Roles] tab and fill in details (this is only the split bill family – so will only be [Account] selected

  1. Select [Account]
  2. Address from Existing
  3. [Save Address]
  4. Go to [Communications] tab

  1. Select [Address]
  2. Tick in [ACC Active Recipient]
  3. [Save Communication]
  4. GO TO STEP 6

Step 6B:  Split to a new Family (that is not in the system)


  1. Call student up in Spider as per previous screens
  2. Select [Clone Student (Split Billing] button
  3. [Yes]


Select [Caregiver tab]


  1. Select [Select/Replace FAMILY UNIT]
  2. then select [Select/Replace to ‘New Family’]

  1. Enter details of the Caregiver
  2. [Save Caregiver]

  1.  Enter all details of the Caregiver (remembering this has been setup for the use only of  split billing)
  2. Note: shows [Split billing Student Record]



Step 7:  Go Back to Back Office > Debtors and add the details to the family that you wish to split 

Select the Family

Select the [Split Bill] tab

  1. Select the [Student] to split
  2. [Family to Bill] select the new code you just created e.g. [WATSO04] or e.g. [SUTTO01]
  3. [%] select the amount you wish to split by