Curriculum Ethnic Group Report

This report is specific to New Zealand.

PCSchool has extended its reporting of academic achievement against Ethnicity and Gender the report includes all ethnicity groupings as drawn from the ethnic group stored in the Student table.


  1. Check the report is set up
  2. Run the report


STEP 1 – Check the report is set up

Path:                     Utilities > Report Alias Settings

If the report is not already available it will need to be setup as below. If you need further help with setting up the report the information is available through our web site.

Curriculum Ethnic Group Report1

  1. Enter the Report details.
  2. Optional; select any other details.
  3. Click Save.

Curriculum Ethnic Group Report2

  1. Make sure you have the correct Period ID.
  2. Select any required filters.
  3. Select the Report.
  4. Click [Print].
  5. Select the Assessment Type to use in the printout.
  6. Click [OK]

Curriculum Ethnic Group Report3