Customing Controls -Renaming controls

How to rename a control

Log into Spider – (you will need the appropriate security click on link for manual)

Path:  Setup and Utilities> Spider Management >Portal Administration > Configure & Customise > Customise Controls


  1. Select from the drop down what you wish to customise

Example:  changing Absence entry

  1. Select [Staff] or drop down for other selections
  2. Select the field you wish to change e.g. Absence Entry – (rename to Roll Marking)


  1. [Title] – type in what you wish to call the control
  2. [Help File location] – copy and paste a URL link for a help document from PCSchool or another help document – if this is blank
  3. [Description] – type in your own description if required
  4. [Help on screen content] – Type your own instructions
  5. [Save Details]

e.g. of renaming


Seeing the help documents:

  1. Select ? icon
  2. Your [Help on screen content]  – that were added
  3.  Help Webpage] – your URL webpage you added in previous step