Customise the GateKeeper

GateKeeper can be customised to better suit your school. The reasons, approval stations, and reports are managed via the GateKeeper Adminstration program, however the global configuration settings are available in the Spider Configuration Editor. More detail on the reasons and approval stations’ setup can be found in the following articles:

Note that changes to the configuration settings will require the GateKeeper program to be restarted before the changes will take effect.

Aesthetic Setup

The text, colours, and a logo can be setup via the Spider Configuration Editor, under the “GKSETUP_SCREEN” filter-option.

The colours available are “HTML Color Names” which you can find easily on-line.

A number of button-text options can be used to hide the button, by removing the text. For example if students shouldn’t be able to select themselves from a list, then blank out the value for “SELECT_MYSELF_BUTTON_TEXT” and the button itself won’t appear when running GateKeeper.

Functional Setup

The functional setup can be accessed via the Spider Configuration Editor, under the “GKSETUP” filter-option.

Functional settings include a range of options that may be general or specific to a user-type. Some specific settings will be unique to a type of user (e.g. students can be organised by form class, teacher, or house), while other specific settings may be duplicated for each different user-type. For example, the Staff can use their teacher hash on their new ID cards, while students use their old ID cards with their student registration number already on them.

An example of a general configuration option would be “ENABLE_AUTOEXIT”, which directs the GateKeeper back to the main menu when a sign-in or sign-out is completed, or if disabled will wait for a user to press the “Exit” button before returning. This can be useful to ensure users remember to wait for their slip to print (if applicable).