Debtor Balance Sweep Monthly / Quarterly (Payment Plan)

PCSchool Student Managment Systems enables schools to provide their families with multiple options for paying school fees. One of these options that is useful for schools who invoice school fees either monthly or quarterly is to be able to deduct the balance owing for the period (month / term) from the parents bank account.

NOTE: this process will only deduct the Debtor balance owing. It will NOT pick up or include any Sundry Balance owed by the family.

Once families have provided authorisation and bank account details to schools to do this the following steps needs to be followed:

  1. Create necessary Tender Types in Maintenance Codes
  2. Allocate tender type and create payment plan to the family
  3. Enter bank account details of the family
  4. How to process these payment sweeps


STEP 1 – Create Tender Types in Maintenance Codes

Path:  Utilities > Maintenance Codes

Create Direct Debit Tender Types

Create Direct Debit Tender Types

  1. Select the Type of ‘TENDER’
  2. On the next blank line (scroll down to the bottom of the list) enter the new Code – which must start with an ‘E’ – and its description.
    1. You may choose to have one tender for Monthly and one for Quarterly, as shown above, or you may only offer one option.
    2. Tab off the line to save the new entry, and refresh the module to make it available in the next step.


STEP 2 – Allocate tender type and payment plan to family

Path:  Debtors > Account Master File Information

Select tender type and create the payment plan

Select tender type and create the payment plan

  1. Select the relevant tender – Monthly or Quarterly.
  2. Go to the ‘Pay Plan’ tab to create the payment plan.
  3. Select the Payment Frequency (Pay Freq:) to match the tender type chosen and the date the first payment will be deducted.
  4. Leave Payment Amount (Pay Amount:) as $0.00 this will prompt the system to pickup whatever the balance owing in the Debtors is.
  5. Select to Create Periodic Debt.
  6. A line will be created in the Payment Plan table.
  7. Save the changes.


STEP 3 – Enter bank account details of the family

Path:  Debtors > Account Master File Information


  1. Go to the Banking tab.
  2. Enter the bank account details as provided by the account payer.
  3. Save the changes.


STEP 4 – How to process a payment sweep

Path:  Debtors > Prepare Automated Debtor Payments


  1. Select the date the payments will be processed.
  2. Select the tender type.
  3. Ensure the correct bank account details are selected.
  4. Ensure the Type of Debtor Periodic is chosen.
  5. Select to Generate Payment File.

Path:  Debtors > Execute Automated Debtor Payments


  1. Ensure Payment Method of ‘Direct Debit’ is selected.
  2. A listing of those families matching the criteria should be displayed – the system will have picked up the outstanding Debtors balance owed by the family.
  3. Create the bank payment file and process via your bank account and debtor receipt batch as per normal.
    1. see instructions: