STATS 2019 (Student Attendance Data – formerly DEEWR) Due Feb. & Term 3 [Spider]

The Department of Education, requires that schools report on student attendance for a set collection period. A simple file upload facility allows schools to upload the student enrolment and attendance information.

A report is available to extract the attendance data as a csv file into Excel this will enable an electronic upload.

In 2019 there will be 2 reporting Periods these will be at the end of the First Semester and the Third Term.

Incoming Students and Leavers within the period will be included providing at the time they were at the school they attended on a full time level this is classified as 90% or more and includes year levels 1 to 10.


If you are a new School  see the full document on  DEEWR Tech Tip


We will be creating the file in Spider  (login to your Spider)

Spider > Staff (General) >Attendance > Attendance Management > Report Analytics > Analytics > Attendance Summary


  1. [From Date] – select the date you wish to go from
  2. [To Date] – select the last date
  3. [Campus] – if you use different campus and on wish to report for one campus select your
  4. [Year Level] e.g *D
  5. [Include Departed]
  6. [DEEWR Summary]
  7. [Export to PDF] – which will download the report as a PDF for you to check the data – when correct create the CSV file
  8. [Export to CSV] – popup – select which term you are doing


Select Semester 1 or if Term 3 type this in here  [OK]


Example of PDF report

Check the PDF report – when correct create the .CSV file

 Upload the CSV file you have just saved to your Government website