Preventing unmarked rolls for EOY senior students

There are three main ways to prevent “Unmarked Rolls” email appearing from Trigger for teachers who have timetabled senior students who are no longer attending normal classes. This is common at the end of the year when they are on exam leave.

  1. Add the years to the Exclude From Timetable in Absent Roll Collection
  2. Using Quick Student data entry to mark the senior students as on exam leave and AUTO MARK the roll
  3. Copy the Timetable to a period and remove the senior classes

Option 1 – Add the years to the Exclude From Timetable in Absent Roll Collection


Add the years you wish to exclude, separated by the pipe character (|)

Option 2: Using Quick Student data entry to AUTO MARK the roll

Path:  Scholastic>Administration> Quick Student Data Entry – Absence tab

This option can only be used if students are taught in the same year level cohort for their subjects. This process automatically marks all remaining students in class as present.  If any selected student is in a class with students from different year levels, the other students will be AUTO MARKED as present.


  1. Select [Absence] tab
  2. Select [Date From] for the exam leave…
  3. Select [Date To:] for the exam leave…
  4. Select [Time of Day] as “All Day”
  5. Select [Status] – select a Code that is relevant for your school
  6.  [Reason]  Type in reason
  7. [Use a Tagset]
  8. Select  [Yr/Form/House] tab
  9. Select [From Year Level]
  10. [Add Selected to List]
  11. [Return All in Grid

You will get the popup box as follows:


Answering [Yes] to this question will AUTO MARK the rolls as present. If you do answer [No], the absence record will be created the the rolls remain unmarked.

  1. Press [Begin]

 Option 3: Changing the rest of the school to a New Timetable period

Create a new Timetable period

Path:  Scholastic > System Functions > Curriculum Control Files >  Tab 6 Subject Period ID



  1. [Clear View]
  2. [Current Period]
  3. [Period Name]
  4. SAVE
  5. Set only the Def Timetable Pd to Current


Path: Scholastic>Timetable Module> Timetable Maintenance> Tab #5 Housekeeping

Select [Copy Time Table Components to New Period]



  1. [From TimeTable Pd ID] – select your current period
  2. [To TimeTable Pd. ID] – select the new timetable period created
  3. [Exclude these Year Levels] – e.g. excluding Year 12
  4. Copy over required fields
  5. [Begin]

The excluded Year Levels will not appear on your roll marking.