Drag and Drop into Document Manager

Document Manager allows schools to store documents created both internally and externally of PCSchool.

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The example shows how to place a PDF in Year 7 students folder.

Path:  Staff(General) > Utilities> Document Management

  1.  Select [Use Tagset]

  1. – 3.  Select the group that you wish to save to e.g. [Student]

  1.  [Select Student Group] select your selection

  1. [Year Level] select your year level  e.g. 7
  2. [Add to Selection]
  3. Shows your selection – you can untag if necessary
  4. [Return Tagged] or your selection

Note:  Once the PDF is in there you can not move it to another folder – without deleting the PDF and then dragging it again from your original folder.

Example of file dragged and dropped: