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This eForm Library shares eForms which have been shared by our users.

Please be aware when importing eForms that some may have the “Display eForm in Spider Quicklinks for” selected which will show as a live eForm when imported.

If your school has an eForm that they are happy to share or believe would be helpful for other school, please email a copy of it to the help desk with a brief description of its purpose.

Description Download (by right click > Save link as)
eForms Pertaining to Enrolment Public
Enrolment Application: this eForm collects enrolment information and submits enrolment information directly into PCSchool database. Enrolment Application
eForms Pertaining to Outside Public
Fun Run eForm: this eForm allows participants to register and pay online for a fun run. Fun Run
Te Taitokerau Registration Final: this eForm is used to collect lunch orders with payments for the Registration Final Te Taitokerau Registration Final
Ticket Sales Fundraiser: this eForm was used is used to sell raffle tickets annual from the School Website Ticket Fundraiser
eForm Pertaining to Caregivers
Drivers Declaration: this eForm allows parents to register to transport students to an event. Drivers Declaration
Family Database Check: this eform is sent to families to ensure that the school records are kept up to date. Family Database Check
eForm Pertaining to Students
Swimming Day: this eForm asks Students to register for events in a swimming carnival Swimming Day
Camp Medical: this eForm asks parents to update medical information before students go on camps. Camp Medical Form
Music Trip: this eForm asks for parents to give permission  for the student to attend and excursion and also to make a payment. Music Trip
Camp Excursion Form: this eForm requests permission from the caregiver to allow the student to go on camp also and is also the ability for the parent to update the medical records.  It also collect information on the swimming ability of the student along with dietary requirements to pass onto the Directors of the camp. Camp Excursion Form
eForm Pertaining to Staff
Staff Leave Application: this eForm pertains to staff and allow staff to request leave. This eForm has a dynamic controller and the originator can select the relevant supervisor to approve the leave. Staff Leave Application
Caretaker Work Request: this eForm pertains to staff and gives staff the ability to request repairs directly to the caretaker for completion Caretaker Work Request
Payroll Deduction Request: this eForm pertains to staff and allows staff to request a payroll deduction. Payroll Deduction Request