Email Family Accounts

 You can save time and money by emailing out your debtors family accounts.

This article assumes you know how to print your accounts and only wish to learn how to email them out.


  1. Make sure you can send emails
  2. Check the families have an Account Email contact selected
  3. Select any missing Account Email contacts necessary
  4. Process the Accounts


STEP 1 – Make sure you can send emails

Each computer must be set up individually for sending emails, this is normally done by your IT staff but if you have a problem contact the PCSchool Helpdesk.

Path:               Utilities > Email

Unless you are already sending emails via PCSchool you will need to send a test email to an address you can easily access to make sure it arrives.


  1. Enter a Subject.
  2. Enter a message.
  3. Click on To.
  4. Go to the Manual & Search tab.
  5. Enter a Name and Email Address; you will need to check this is received.
  6. Click [Add manual Address].
  7. Click [Send Email].



STEP 2 – Check the Families have an Email Account for receiving accounts.

This can be done by using a VDF Query or checking each Family individually.


VDF Query

Path:              Utilities > VDF Query

Selecting the Student File as the Main File gives access to the Family file.


  1. Select Student File as the Main File.
  2. Select the Studkey from the Student File.
  3. Select Famkey and Email account from the Family file.
  4. Go to the Selection tab.


In the Selection tab it is easier to use a Student Tag Set for selecting the Students, this way you can just select one Student from each family.


  1. Go to the Selection tab.
  2. Tick to use a Student Tag Set.


  1. Go to the Yr/Form/House tab.
  2. Leave the defaults for all year levels and click [Add one Student per Family].
  3. Click [return All in Grid].


To select all the Families with no Email Account select Email Account Equal to and leave the Value blank. If you wish print a list of who will receive the email do not select Email Account.


This list has Email Account Equal to Blank selected.


This list does not so is showing Mother M, Father F, and All Domicile A.


Checking individually can be done via the Account Address in Student View.



STEP 3 – Select any missing Account Email owners

Path:              Debtors > Student View (this can also be done through the Scholastic module)

In Student View go to the Address tab then go to the Account tab and select the correct Contact [Email] Option.



STEP 4 – Process the Accounts

Path:              Debtors > Account Printing

Select your parameters in the normal way then select a Print Option.


  1. Place a tick in [To Last Family] to send an email for all accounts.
  2. It is optional to use a Tag Set for selecting families.
  3. Print Options;
  4. Print All; will Email families if they are set up correctly and print any accounts with no Email option selected
  5. Email Only; will only send emails to the families with an Email Account Option selected and a valid email address
  6. No Email; will print all accounts with no Account Email Option selected
  7. Important; Make sure the tick is in Print Individually.
  8. Select [Export to mail].
  9. Click [Print].



  1. Enter a Subject.
  2. Enter your message.
  3. If you are using Spider for families you can add a link;
  4. Use the enter key in the text area to move to a new line then click the appropriate buttons
  5. Click [Save] if you wish to have this as a generic message.
  6. Click [Return and Process] when ready.

The default parameter is Current Year but you can select Year Level Next, this would depend upon the accounts being sent out. Click OK to email the Accounts.