Email Control in Spider (superseded by Messaging General)

Path:  Staff(General) > Utilities> Emailing – General

  1. From Email – this draws from the staff members “work email” address or from the Configuration file if you have elected to use a default email address
  2. Enter Subject
  3. Attachment – select [Choose File] to attach a file.
  4. [Email Authentication] – comes from your Configuration file and is only used if you are using an email service that requires one.
  5. These options appear if you select from a “Family” Tagset
  6. [Use Tagset]  The address will depend on the type of user you select.
    [Student] will select the students email address;
    [Family] will use emails from the Family files (see below for further details)
    [Staff ] from the Staff Work email address
  7. Enter the body of the email here.

To:  [Primary Correspondence only]:

[Primary + Alt Correspondence] – this will pick up anyone that has the tick in [alt correspondence]

[Primary +Alt Correspondence + Linked Identity] – this picks up a) & b) and  the Linked Identity

Not all linked Identities will be shown within Scholastic view. If a student has been added under the “Relationships” tab in the Extended Community, as per example below, the associated Identity’s email will also be included.