Enhanced Spider Branding of the Login Page

PCSchool enables schools the opportunity to customise their Spider’s login screen (Student Management Web Portal System). Schools can use this initial page to better involve visitors in the school community by use of a photo slideshow. Users can stay informed of upcoming events by the inclusion of configurable text message across this Student Information System login screen. Schools can control the content of this login page through the Spider Configuration Panel within Spider. There is a nominal cost for PCSchool to optimise the graphics. To get this process underway, please email help@pcschool.net requesting a quote.

Remember when selecting the images they should be at minimum 1349 x 700, although the higher the resolution the better. We will be optimising these for best effect. Be aware that the login box will cover on part of the image so all images need to cater for this. The login box can be placed left, right or be centred.

Student Management Software Login Demonstration


To change the text on the login page, you will need access to the “Portal Administration” control. From here, it is under the “Configuration>Configure the SPIDER-WEB info

Add message to login screen