Financial Questionnaire (FQ)

The Financial Questionnaire is completed once a year usually after your Audit has been done to 31st December, this must be declared by 30th June 2017 see link for further instructions

Path: Finance> Gen Ledger > Trial Balance

  1. Select [Date] – usually December 2016
  2. Select [Account No]
  3. Select – Financial Questionnaire
  4. Select – Print to Window
  5. Print

To check the report print the:

  1. Select from the drop down:
  • [Full Dissection] shows you all the accounts
  • [Detail] shows the totals only
  • [Summary] show the totals this is the one to upload when correct

2. OK


Your chart of account needs to be setup correctly:

Based on your Chart of Accounts – you will need to ensure the appropriate Consolidation Options have been selected for each of your Model Accounts.

This is done through Path: Gen Ledger >Model Account Entry

To make up new codes (if required):

  1. Select [ClearAll]
  2. Then type in your new code
  3. Press [Save]


To check your Chart of Account

Path: Gen ledger> Ledger Chart Reports