Creating or Modify a Report Standard Reports

How to create a New Financial Report or modify or clone and existing report.

Reports are constructed by adding Headings, the posting accounts that will provide the figures for the report and totalling accounts that will store the totals of the individual posting accounts.

Click on link to see instructions for using the Control

Path: Spider> Finance Dashboard>Financial>Financial Reporting>

Select [Standard Reports]


  1. [Inset] To add an account immediately below the line current selected
  2. [Edit] To edit the currently selected line
  3. [Delete] To delete the currently selected line from the report
  4. [Heading] This is the Heading account  Account 90100 Sub Acc 0 must already exist in the Posting Accounts. Whatever the description of that posting account will form the Heading Line in the report
  5. [Posting] Select a range of posting accounts to be printed in the report. All accounts in the range From Acc. Subaccount   to the To Acc and subaccount will be printed. The accounts selected here do not need to exist eg From Acc 110 Sub 0  to Account  129 Sub 9999  will result in all accounts in that range being used in the report.

        Rules for Account Grouping:

If you create:
From Account 100 Sub 0               To Account 200 Sub 300
This will print:
Account 100 Sub 0, to Account 199 Sub 9999, plus
Account 200 Sub 0, to Account 200 Sub 300
_________________________________________________________________If you create;
From Account 100 Sub 10              To Account 200 Sub 300
This will print:
Sub accounts 10 to 300 for the full range of accounts 100 to 200

If you create:
From Account 100 Sub 10               To Account 200 Sub 9999
This will print:
Account 100 Sub 10, to Account 100 Sub 9999, plus
Accounts 101 Sub 0, to Account 200 Sub 9999

6.  Identify the totalling account to print. In a properly constructed report this totalling account will have been referenced as a Total To account for a range of posting accounts


Add or Edit a Line



  1. [Type] Select what type of Account this is
  2. [From Account] Select the Account and Subaccount that will be the first account in the ran
  3. [To Account] Select the Account and Subaccount that will be the last account in the range
  4. [Total Account] Select the Account and Subaccount that will store the Totals of the accounts in the range
  5. [Column]  Select Column 0 if you want the account to be included in totalling but to not display in the report. Use this technique to create a Summary Report where the source posting accounts are included but are not actually printed in the report. When running a report on screen, the accounts that make up a Total can be accessed by drill-down even though they are not printed in the main report. Column selections of Left, Middle or Right rely on a specific report style tto show these amounts in different columns. If supported normally Left would be used for Posting Account figures, Middle for sub-totals, and Right for overall totals.
  6. [Space] – Indicate the number of blank lines to insert after printing this account. Use this to create white space in your report after totals or headings.
  7. [Bold] – check this if you want the accont name to be in bold eg for headings or totals
  8. [Graph] – If the chosen line is set to graph and the report style selected is Graphical then the lines checked to graph will be shown graphically. Normally only totalling lines would be set to Graph.
  9. [Page Feed] – Check this to cause a new page to feed following the printing of this account.


During report construction use the Preview Button to look at the finished product