Financial Reporting – Security

Financial Reporting allows you to look at your general ledger in spider that will show you your income and expenditure and income on various accounts, depending upon your security. (Spider 2016) to setup follow steps.

1. In backoffice under Staff View

Setup the following so they can see their Project reports (note – if you are the Administrator you have to have all the project codes :


  1. Under Role – select Project Finance Area from the drop down
  2. Select if a Project Co-ord
  3. Select a Project Code – from the drop down

(Project codes get setup from Backoffice please see the following link for more information)


Step 2:   In Spider your staff  will need the following security for Financial reporting:

  • #619  Financial Reporting (for the Icon – Favourite button)
  • #640 Ledger Reports (Staff & Administrator)
  • #620 Ledger Maintenance Tasks (administrator) gives you  ( go to Step 3)
  • #622 Ledger Posting Acct Entry (Administator – provides access to ALL ledger accounts – does not restrict to project only)
  • #627 Financial Wizard (after purchase of the Financial Wizard package
  • #643 Ledger Forecasting (for Cashflow tab)

Step 3:  Log into Spider as the Administrator

(note the Administrator will see Financial Report Setup and Account Setup) 

Path:  Filter menu by:  Select Finance Dashboard   >  then select Financial Reporting



  • Select: Your Entity
  • Select: Financial Report Security


Step 4:  Setup Staff to see their project report  (e.g. PCS _Staff – i.e.Teachers)


  1. Select Security Group – Select your Security Group required
  2. Select the Report (you wish your staff to see e.g. DEPT – Departmental Report)
  3. SAVE


For the Bursar to see all reports – setup like screen shot – tick the accounts to be seen in Spider


  • Select their security group
  • Select All or tick reports that are required


Step 5:  In Backoffice Path:  Finance > General Ledger > Standard Reports and Printing

Report ID:  You will need to select each report and

Select under Web Publish from drop down select if you want to Publish for All or Publish for Projects 

e.g. For Bursar


e.g. For Staff with Projects


Step 6:  If you require to be able to Drill down on transactions:

To allow your staff to do Drill down on transactions – you will need to set up under Chart of Accounts settings click on link – see Step 4.  For Teachers to see budgets take off Ticks for Asset, Liability, Bank and Capital and also until the payroll account codes.


Q: Lines showing in report in back office but missing in Spider

A: Make sure it has a totaling line underneath the missing entries – otherwise it will not show on Spider report