Standard Reports Overview

Financial Reports in Spider

Standard Reports including:

  • Balance Sheets (Financial Position)
  • Profit and Loss (Financial Performance)
  • Department Budgets
  • KPI
  • Variance reports

and many more are available within PCSchool. These reports can be created by the School or PCSchool can organise the reports for you. Some standard reports will be available and these can be modified to suit your situation.


Launching a Standard Report in Spider

Log on to Spider


Path:  Spider>Finance>Financial>Financial Reporting

  1. Entity – select the entity to use
  2. Standard Reports – Select to Create or Edit Financial Report Formats ie the Accounts to be included in the report and to set the availability of the report through the Spider
  3. Financial Reports – Launch the Stand Reports for viewing and printing of previously created report formats
  4. Financial Report Security – Set the security to determine who may view the financial reports
  5. Account Drill Down – Control to view account balances and to drill down to a transaction level
  6. Account Security – Set security on an account by account basis to determine the capacity to drill into an accounts individual transactions and to determine the Accounts a user can view in Account Drilldown (5)
  7. Cashflow Reports – Launch the Cash Flow reports
  8. Financial Dashboard –
  9. Monthly Report –
  10. Financial Statements –


 Reporting Screen explained

A ledger report consists of headings, posting accounts with associated monetary figures and totalling accounts to which the posting accounts have been added. Posting accounts can be sub totalled to a totalling account, which in turn, can be totalled to other totalling accounts.

For example;

  • Income Posting Accounts would total to a Total Income Account
  • This in turn, would total to a Surplus Deficit Account.
  • The latter could then total to an Undistributed Profits Totalling account contained in the Balance Sheet.

As you prepare the report it may be necessary to create sub accounts or a model heading accounts to provide all the necessary headings for the report. Likewise, it may be necessary to create totalling accounts as sub accounts of a previously entered Model Totalling Account to cater for specific totalling within the report.



  1. [Create a new report]  – this will launch the popup
  2. [Report ID] – Give the report format a name eg P&L SUM
  3. [Description] – Enter a description for the report eg Profit and Loss Summary
  4. [Web Publish] – Identify if the report is to be published to the Spider. Altering this setting enables reports to be withdraw from display until the data upon which the report relies is finalised.
  • Don’t Publish – the report will not be available on the Spider
  • Publish for All – the report is accessible to all who have security to access Financial Reports
  • Publish for Project – the report will be available to all Project (Dept) heads but the report will be confined to the sub-account that make up that project.
  • Publish for Specific Group – Only those users that have a security equivalence that has been granted access to this report will be able to run the report

5. To be used in Cashflow Reports – select this box  or Consolidate Sub Accounts – select this box

6. Name for Report – call up the report you have already created to edit etc




  1. Identify if the report is to draw figures for a single entity or from multiple entities. In most cases schools will only have a single entity so will not need to alter this setting. Where schools have multiple entities eg Campus A and Campus B then this setting enable them to report by campus (Entity) or consolidated across both Entities
  2. Entities within the system will be displayed. Check the ones that you wish included in the report. Where more than one is selected then these will be reported as a consolidated figure across both.




Select the report you wish to clone under [Name for Report] – instead of creating a new report from the start – clone (copy) the report and they make adjustments to it.

  1.  Select [Clone Report]
  2. Type in new name for the form
  3. SAVE




  1. [Type] – select the type of line you require
  2. [Accounts] – select the required accounts
  3. [Column] – Select Left, Middle or Right
  4. [Space] – 0,1 or 2
  5. Select Bold, Graph and or Page Feed
  6. SAVE

Step 1:  Create a New Financial Report Format  [Standard Reports] or edited -this can be done in either Back Office or within the Spider Control