Debtors Account Printing – Freedom

You will need to have any customised statements that you send out with logo on etc altered – please send them to  Note: there will be a free to upgrade the statement.  If you need PCSchool to help get the file please email:

Step 1: Debtors Version 2018.0.0.332 & have the latest PCSQ installed

(to check the current versions click here)

Step 2 :  Install the adjusted Report (if required)

Step 3:  Account Printing
You now need to use a Tag-set as follows:

Path:  Debtors > Account Printing > 

  1. Set the screen up as you would normally
  2. Select [Print to Window] first to check your statements
  3. [Use Family Tagset] (do not select [Print Individuall] at this stage as you want to see all statements
  4. Select [Students] tab
  5. Select [Add Selected to List]
  6. Select [Return Tagged Only] or [Returned all in Grid]
  7. [Print]

Check the print outs to see if correct when correct you can then email out the statements


Step 4:  To email and print statements

  1. Set the screen up as you would normally
  2. Select [Export to Mail]  to print and email statements, also select [Doc. Man] if saving to document manager
  3. Select [Use Family Tagset]
  4. Select [Print Individual]
  5. Select [Students] tab
  6. Select [Add Selected to List]
  7. Select [Return Tagged Only] or [Returned all in Grid]
  8. Select [Freedom Acc & Alt Acc] to send to both of these
  9. Selct [Print Option – ALL]
  10. [Print]

Pop up:

[Do you wish to cater for Spilt Billing]   YES /No

The Print Queue message will pop up – change your message

  1. [Subject] type in your reference
  2. [Message Text] Type in your message [SAVE] this will save your message so you can just change it next time
  3. [Return and Process]


PCSQ pop up screen will appear – (this will Print any that do not have email addresses) also save to Document Manager (if you have select to save the statements) and also email ones that have email addresses

  1. [Test Email ID:] if you put your own email address in here – it will email you ALL the statements to your own email address
  2. [Printer Name:] select the correct print as it will print out any that are to print
  3. [Start Processing] will email, send to Document Manager and Print