Freedom – Debtors Account Printing

You will need to have any customised statements that you send out with logo on etc altered – please send them to to get altered note there will be a free to upgrade the statement.  If you need PCSchool to help get the file please email

Step 1: You will need to be on Debtors version 2018.0.0.251  (take followup as at 15.1.2019)

Step 2 :  Install the adjusted Report (if required)

Step 3:  Account Printing
You now need to use a Tag-set as follows:

Path:  Debtors > Account Printing > 



  1. [Use Family Tagset]
  2. Select [Debtor Info] tab
  3. Select [Debtors or Sundry]
  4. [Overall Balance Selection] select [Balance <> 0]
  5. [Add to List]
  6. Check the list of – you can untag any families you do not wish to send out
  7. Select [Return All in Grid] or [Return Tagged only] if you have taken a few ticks out

Select [Print Individually] and select all other settings you would normally use for Account Printing