Freedom – Reinstating a Student Who Has Been Departed

Log into Spider

Path:  Spider > Setup& Utilities > Spider Management > Freedom – Student & Caregiver Manaagement

Search for the student you wish to reinstate

  1. Student Key – type in students name
  2. [Search]
  3. Select the student you wish to reinstate press the edit key

  1. Current Year – change to the year level you wish to use
  2. Year Next – change to the following year level
  3. Select on “Enrolment & Departure” icon

Select the “Departure Tab”

  1. Date of Departure -remove date
  2. Final Year Level – remove and make blank

Select the “Arrival” tab

  1. Date Arrival – change to the new date arriving
  2. Re-Entry – select ‘Yes’ as a re-entry to the school
  3. [Save & Exit]

You will need to change the Form Teacher etc as required.