eForm V2 – Overview

The “eForms Maintenance” control is used for creating and maintaining versatile forms or ‘questionnaires’ to assist in meaningful data gathering. These questionnaires are called eForms. They can be emailed to students, caregivers or staff, as well as be made available within the “Quick Links” control.

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The eForms Maintenance Admin opens the following “eForms Management” window: The “Display eForm in Spider Quicklinks for” check boxes determines who can see this eForm within their “Quick Links”. Although removing a tick from the selection will remove it from the Quick Links menu, the eForm will still be available from any links in emails that have already been sent unless it has been de-activated.


The eForm Type’ dropdown menu allows you to restrict the subsequent dropdown to eForms of a particular type. The ‘All’ type option will not restrict the list of eForms. By default a “GENERAL” type is created however entering a description of an new type will automatically create it and will be available for future eForms. It is possible to re-classify eForms if necessary.

The eForm Name’ dropdown menu is used to select a specific eForm Questionnaire in order to clone or rename it, as well as or create, edit or delete the questions it contains.

The [Add New] button allows you to create a new eForm Questionnaire, but it will only be created once you press the ‘Save eForm’ button that appears below the eForm Name field.



The [Clone eForm] button saves the eForm as a new Questionnaire duplicated from the currently selected eForm. You must name and save the eForm clone as though it were a new eForm.

The [Edit] button allows you to rename the currently selected eForm Questionnaire

The “Controlling User(s)” options is only available in the “Pro” version of eForm. It allows you to set users by role or specifically by name. The ‘Super User’ may be necessary for authoritative control, for example, someone who must approve a form that has been filled out by another end-user.

The [Save eForm] button saves the current changes to the eForm, or a newly created eForm. It is important to save an eForm before adding any questions. Ensure you save on eForm if you change the Spider user or controllers  (eForm Pro only)

The [Preview eForm] button opens the eForm Questionnaire as it would appear for the end user.

The [Email eForm] button allows you to send out forms through email.

The [Next >>] button is used to add questions to the currently selected eForm Questionnaire.

The [Deactivate] button has 4 options as seen below.


  1. Remove eForm from the selection list but allow answers to be viewed.
  2. Remove eForm from the selection list and hide previous answers.
  3. Delete the eForm ONLY if it has not been answered.
  4. Delete the eForm as well as any responses. This is not a  reversible.

To re-activate a de-activated eForm, select “Show All,” choose the eForm, then press the [Activate] button.