International Module Overview

The International Module has been developed to keep track of International Students staying with families (Home-stays) with provision for including Agents and Counsellors. It allows notes to be kept by Home-stay, Students, Councillors and Agents. It is fully integrated with PCSchool.

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An “Agent” is defined as the outside person who liaises between the overseas family and the school. When creating a new agents, they are added as a Creditor as type “AGENT”. Agents can be added through the International module if the logged in user has the necessary security.

The Home-stay is where the international student will be staying. The Home-stay is seen as a creditor of type “HOMESTAY”. Home-stay’s can be added through the International module.

Students are selected from the school’s “Current” students and are initially filtered by the “FF” classification in the Enrolment Status field. This can be unchecked to allow any current student to be selected.


The Counsellor is a person who liaises with the student. When counsellors are created, they are added to the staff table with the type “COUNSELLOR”.