Live Data Dashboards

Staff (both admin & teachers), Caregivers and Students can now review data through a number of specific Live Data Reporting Dashboards relevant to them. The displayed data can be:

  • Reviewed in tabular format supporting Drill Down
  • Displayed graphically o by content o against time

The benefits of these controls are that data is accessible, easy to use, relevant, intuitive, informative, available on any device, displayed quickly While controls may be developed uniquely for a school the currently available dashboards include:

  • Financial
  • National Standards for NZ schools
  • Naplan for Australian schools
  • NZQA Assessments for NZ schools

For further information:

Australia  click here.

New Zealand click here

If your school has historical data, you may need to contact PCSchool in order to place this data where the tools are expecting it to be saved. PCSchool will be able to assist with this.