Manually synch Markbook column to results

You can manually synch a column in the markbook if you have added a column and you want the result in that column to save back to the student so that it can print on reports.

Steps involved:

  1. Ensure the area of assessment is in the Curriculum Plan and has been allocated to the students
  2. Know what result field the result should be synchronized to
  3. Enter the relevant details in the Markbook column


**WARNING: Selecting the wrong field may result in loss of data. If you are not sure contact the PCSchool Help Desk.



Path:  System Functions > Curriculum Control Files > Areas of Asses > Setup Default Areas of Assessment

Markbook_Curriculum Plan




Path:  Assessment > Result Entry by Student

Markbook_Result Field



Path:  Spider > Markbook V2

Markbook_Synch Column

  1. Must select the COLLATING markbook format
  2. Select [Manage Columns]
  3. Select to [Edit] and existing column or create a new one by entering in a Column Heading
  4. Select the correct Field Name as identified in STEP 2
  5. Select Save option of “Save to results”
  6. Subject Period should default to current period
  7. Subject should default to markbook subject
  8. Select the Break code, this is the area of assessment as identified in STEP 1
  9. [Save] the column settings

Results entered into this field in the markbook should now appear in the relevant result field for the subject.