NAPLAN – Importing Previous Results

Before importing NAPLAN results, please ensure you have the necessary State authorisation to do so. For importing previous NAPLAN results, you will need some set up in Back Office shown in the instructions below.


Step 1:   See Security (click on this link)

Security if required to gain access to these Controls and also for saving data where the controls allows.


Step 2:  In Back Office – set up a Subject Code for NAPLAN

PCSchool will reserve a specific Subject Code for NAPLAN – 999991

Path:  Scholastic>System Functions>Curriculum control Files>Subject Codes (Tab #1)

Set up a new code as per example:



Step 3:   Create Areas of Assessment

Path:  Scholastic>System Functions>Curriculum control Files>Areas of Assessment (Tab #2)> Create New Areas of Assessments

These numbers have been reserved for NAPLAN.  Please set up – as per example:

  • 5


  • Reading 99999904
  • Writing 99999905
  • Spelling 99999906
  • Grammar & Punctuation 99999907
  • Numeracy 99999908
  • Data, Measurement 99999909
  • Number, Patterns & Algebra 99999910
  1. Although it doesn’t matter what type of area of assessment, suggest you use Overall Teacher Judgement. The same one for all areas. The code numbers must be as above-


Step 4:  Allocate subject to students

Path:  Administration > Quick Student Data Entry >  Subjects (Tab #4)


  1. Select Naplan [subject code] e.g.  #999991
  2. Select [Year level] of Naplan (e.g. 3, 5 ,7 or 9)
  3. Select the [Period ID]: (you want your results to go in e.g. if 2015 results use one of those period id)
  4. [Add Subject] – check that this is correct
  5. [Use Tagset] – and select TagSet based on the year level they are now e.g. year 8 (but this will put results under Period ID 15.01 and they where Year Level 7) – see below.



Step 5:  Allocate the Areas of Assessment to the Subject

Path:  System Functions > Curriculum Control Files > Areas of Assessment (Tab 2#)

Select – [Setup Default Areas of Assessment]





Step 6: Importing Results

Log into Spider>Staff (General)>Assessment>Assessments > Import Results 


The next screen [Select CSV File ]:

  1. [Select file] – select the file to upload
  2. Select [Subject Period]
  3. Select [Year Level]
  4. [Naplan Area] select which area you wish to bring in i.e. Writing or Reading etc
  5. [Next]


  1. [Select fields]
  2. [Student ID] – select how the system will identify your students from your spreadsheet
  3. [Score] select from the drop down example:  we are importing – ‘Score Year 3 Writing’ results
  4. [Band] select from the drop down example:  we are importing – ‘Band Year 3 Writing’ results
  5. [Attendance] select from the drop down example:  Attendance- WR
  6. [First Result] – select from the drop down example – this will be WR (writing – and the first record no.)
  7. [Last Result] select from the drop down example – this will be WR (writing – the last record for WR)
  8. [Next]

[Save Results] screen:

[SAVE] results at bottom of screen


To check import – go to [Over All Report] and select your [Subject Period] and [Current Year Level]


Go back to Step 6 and now import your Reading, Spelling etc until all results have been imported.