NAPLAN (due Feb. and May)

NAPLAN (National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy)

The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) is conducted each year for all students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 in all government and non-government schools. This program, which has the support of all State and Territory Education Ministers, assesses the literacy and numeracy learning of students in all Australian schools.

see How to setup Naplan instructions for first time users

Step 1 NAPLAN  Report

Path:               Scholastic > Subjects  > Data Capture

Select the Students [using a tagset]1

  1. Select  [Selection Criteria]
  2. Select [Use a Tag Set]
  3. Select the [Year Level] tab
  4. From Year Level – select *M (all your Year 3, 5 & 7 students)
  5. Click [Add Selected to List]
  6. If any Students are not to be included – remove the tick
  7. Select the appropriate option

Step 2 Prepare the File

Select the [DEPT EDUC (Aust) tab.]
On the Prepare File tab


  1. Enter your [school number] -t his can be found in Utilities/System File Maintenance/School Number
  2. Select the [File Format] for your State e.g. if South Australia you will use the WALNA – Sth Aust as per the list below:1
  3. [File name] select from drop down and save the file where you will be able to find it.       The file will be a .txt file – so you can upload 
  4. [Internal Student #] is the preferred selection for Identifying Students.
  5. [English as Second language]  If a language other than English is spoken at home and in Student View/Enrolment, ‘Language other than English’ has been ticked you will need to select ‘Language other than English’ instead of the default of ‘Use MCEETYA language’.
  6. Checking this box will add the Ethnicity of Non-Aboriginal to any Students where the Ethnicity has not been entered.
  7. Click [Preview]


Select [Yes]


Select [OK]

Step 3 Check the Error Log


Select the Error Log button


If you receive:

Warning Only – this will not stop you completing the file and you can can go to the next step

Critical Warning must all be corrected before you can continue (note:  the COMPLETE button will only become active once these are addressed)

To fix:

  1. Highlight an error line in Error Log
  2. Open Student View and correct the errors;
  • Student Ethnic/Language errors can be corrected in Enrolment/Origins – Ethnic and Scholastic.
  • Parental errors can be corrected in Family Miscellaneous/Family Ethnicity

 We have been advised by some users that some Language codes have been changed and are now causing errors.  We are waiting for  official confirmation.

To alter these codes if required:

System Functions > Origin Codes:

  1. Select the type of code you need to change
  2. Use the slide to scroll to the required code
  3. Click in the box and over type, then arrow off to save.

The codes we are aware of that require changing so far are:

  • Amharic should be 9214
  • Farsi should be 4106
  • Persian should be 4106
  • Tagalog should be 6511
  • Twi should be 9203

STEP 4 – COMPLETE and create the file so you can upload

Once all the errors have been corrected you must run the Preview again

The file should then be  saved  as a .txt  file to import to NAPLAN.  

Select the COMPLETE button –  to finish the process.

Find the file and upload.

Note:  The file is now has numbers etc for security reasons that is uploaded to NAPLAN