NCCD SWD (Nationally Consistent Collections of Data on School Students with Disability) & Special Needs in Freedom

The Australian Government is seeking Nationally Consistent Collections of Data on School Students with Disability. This can be entered into PCSchool, and reported on in both summary and detail, including export to CSV format.


Security for Special needs # 283 (Freedom)  and also Student entry required


Step 1: Ensure you are on the latest follow-up (click here for the latest version). For data entry, you should be on Scholastic version 2016.0.0.540 or greater to ensure you have all the available levels of adjustment.

Step 2: Check you have the following report. If it is not present, ensure your Spider is version 2019.06.10.0611 or greater as it is added with the installer.


Step 2:  Path: Scholastic module > Administration > Student Summary Reports > Govt. Reports  

– Select the NCCD SWD Report

When you print, preview, or export this report you will have the following options:

Popup screen –

a)Select if you are a Systemic or Non Systemic school

Click down to AGEID:

Click down to DETAIL

Select if you wish to show [Students or Summary Only]


Below is the ‘Summary’ report. This can be saved to excel as a CSV file and then uploaded. Use ‘Show Students’ report for checking.


Special Needs – Disability Students

a)  SetUp Codes required under Path:  Utilities > Maintenance Codes

Select SPECNEED and make up the following codes:

SWD       Student with Disability Status
NCCD     National Consistent Collection disability


 (Non Freedom Schools) –  Select  #6 Personal Tab of Student

c)  Type in the relevant codes and use the drop down boxes to select the appropriate Lev of Adj  and Cateorgy and put a tick in Funding – as above example


Freedom Schools:

Path: Spider > Setup & Utilities > Freedom Students & Caregivers Management

Call up the Student you wish to add information on special needs:

Select the [Special Needs] icon

To Add entry:

  1.  Select [Add]

Enter the information use the drop down to select etc

[Save and Exit]