NZSSSC Sports Representation Census Report

2018 NZSSSC secondary schools sports census enables the NZ Secondary Schools Sports Council to capture a wide range of data that is an important tool in school sports advocacy, identifying trends, informing change and providing information at an individual school, regional and national levels.

PCSchool has created a tool within our Spider Web App that allows schools to easily record students sports participation and produce an export in the format required by NZSSSC for their annual census due before Wednesday 7th November 2018

***IMPORTANT*** If you are using the PCSchool NZSSSC tool there are some required changes to certain sports names for 2018. Please contact the PCSchool Help Desk ( and ask for the NZ Sports Census script to be run on your Spider prior to generating your sports export.


This report is based on information stored in Co-Curricular and if a school wishes to use this they will need;

    • The Co-Curricular Module
  • PCSchool to be on the Latest Version (Curric 2018.0.0.197)
  • The latest version of Spider (2018.08.08.1 or greater)

To watch a video tutorial regarding this, click here.

Activities Codes can be created through the Co-Curriculum Module or through Spider;

  • STEP 1 is appertaining to the Back Office
  • STEP 3 is appertaining to Spider

You only need to use one method.


  1. Create the Activity – Co-Curricula Module
  2. Accessing the NZSSSC Module in Spider
  3. Add the Activity – Spider
  4. Edit an Activity
  5. Select the Sports parameters and officials
  6. Add or Edit Activity Groups
  7. NZSSSC Mapping
  8. Add Students to the Activity
  9. NZSSSC Census


STEP 1 – Create the Activity – Co-Curricula

Path:               Other Modules > Co-Curriculum Module


The Officials Category must have Sport Official selected and not Team Officials. If these have already been created please contact PCSchool to have these transferred.

All Officials must have the Level of Inter School Selected other fields can be selected as necessary.



STEP 2 – Access the NZSSSC in Spider

Path:               Staff (General) Menu > Student > Student Co-Curricular

In Co-Curricula Manager select Co-Curricular Activities.CoCurricSpider


STEP 3 – Add the Activity – Spider

In the Activity Codes tab click the [Add new Activity] button.

  • If you can’t see the add widow on the side it will be available below the list of sports.


  1. Select the Activity Type of Sport.
  2. List of the currently available Sports.
  3. Click the button [Add new Activity]
  4. Enter the details of the new Activity.


STEP 4 – Edit the Activity

In the Activity Codes tab you can Add, Edit or Remove Activities.


  1. Highlight the Sport.
  2. Green Button – click to bring up the Activity Details window to Edit the Sport.
  3. Red Button – click to Delete the Sport line.
  4. Blue Button – click to view the Groups or Officials.


STEP 5 – Select the Sports Parameters and Officials

Activity Codes tab – You can Add multiple Officials to the selected Sport


  1. Optional; Select Filters.
  2. Click ‘Add New Groups’ to Add new activity Groups and [Add New Officials] to Add Officials and Groups;
    • Select the Activity Group
    • Select the season Dates
    • Select the Status
    • Select the Role
    • IMPORTANT Select the Level – You must select the level of Inter School so they show in the report
  3. Enter or select the Official and add any contact details;
    1. If selecting staff you will have a drop down list
    2. If this is not a staff member then type in the details
  4. Click Save and continue adding Officials to this Group.


STEP 6 – Add or Edit Activity Groups

Activity Groups tab – In Activity Groups you can Add Edit of Delete Activities, to Edit the description of a current Activity click the Green Edit Icon.


  1. Go to the Activity Groups tab.
  2. To enter a new activity type in the Code to be used.
  3. Enter the description or you can change the description of a selected Activity Group.
  4. Click Save.


STEP 7 – NZSSSC Mapping

NZSSSC Mapping tab – You must Map the Activity to a NZSSSC listed Sport; multiple available Activities can be added to one Selected Sport.



  1. The Selected Sports is the official list and are the only options available for selection.
  2. Enter part of the known name of a sport to reduce the list of available sports for mapping.
  3. Tick the sport to attach, the greyed out sports are already mapped.
  4. Click Save.

Once you click Save you will receive the following message.


To add Students to the Activity click the Student Co-Curriculum link to go to the Data Entry View. To download the PDF document with full instructions click Co-Curriculum User GuideCoCurricSpider-Students




STEP 9 – NZSSSC Census


You can View the details to be uploaded to the Sports Census, this is based on the information entered.

NOTE: Changes specific for 2018 include some minor changes in the names of certain sports. Please ensure these changes are visible as per the screenshot below. If the two Bowls sports do not have spaces before and after the hyphen, you will need to contact PCSchool to have the ‘Sports Census Script’ run on your Spider.

Sports Specific Data.


Student Representative Summary.


Official Summary will only show Staff members.


Go to the Export NZSSSC Census tab and fill in your details then click the [Generate NZSSSC Census Report] button to upload the file.


In the Windows options if you just click Save the document will probably be saved in your download file. If you click Save As you will be able to select the destination.