Online Co-curricula Selection – Step 1 – Grouping the Activities for online selection

This control allows students to choose co-curricula activities online. Selections are automatically assigned to students after they select them online – without having to transpose selections from paper based forms.

How to Create the Activities so Students can select them online

See Security (click link)  (note you need code #269 to create the activities first)

Step 1:  Activities will need to be setup before proceeding click link

Step 2:  Activity Line Construction

Path:  Setup and Utilities > Curriculum > Student Activity Line Construction

Select from the drop downs on the following fields your selection:

  1. [Campus] if a multi Campus school
  2. [Season] you are working with
  3. [Type] – optional but will make the Activities easier to group
  4. [Activity Selection – Year Level] select Students you will be working with
  5. [Main Period] Select the period to work in
  6. [Reserve Period] Select the period to work in
  7. [File] For a new group leave the default of New/Edit; To Edit a group select the Group
  8. [Activity] views the activities selected


Once the filters have been selected the file can be saved and reopened when necessary by selecting the button as per screen shot

  1. [Select Activity] tick (4) to select all Activities

2. [Select Group] Tick the radio box of the Group you wish to work with;

  • If no groups are selected none will transfer to the co-curriculum within PCSchool
  • Once saved this does not need to be done again if working with the same Group
  • If several groups are to be selected they can be worked with as one group or individual groups

If Students are to have a choice from multiple groups several groups can be added and worked with in one window or a single group can be worked with.

Once you have clicked [Build] you will have two options to help you create the Co-Curricular Activity choices

Mutually Exclusive

If a group of Activities are Created as mutually exclusive only one of the Activities in the group can be selected

This could be used if the activities clash in some way

Important; Please ensure you SAVE the information on a regular basis otherwise if your Web Browser times out you will loose the information.

To start creating the Choices select the Activities then click an Option

Tick the Activities (as per screen shot) that you wish to be grouped together and click [Mutually Exclusive]

Single Choice

Tick activities that are Single Choices and click [Single Choice] – Tick Activity Group to select or deselect all activities



Groups e.g. If several groups are selected at once, when you click Build, the Activities will be listed and can be identified by the Groups.

The groups can be selected individually or as mutually exclusive and linked as required

Continue until you have made your selections;

  • You can create links to other activities
  • If an activity is linked to another activity then both the activities must be selected


Example of the possibilities for Linking the activities:

  1. Mutually Exclusive:

e.g.Football  and Rugby are mutually exclusive therefore only one or the other can be selected


2. Compulsory:

e.g. Yoga is compulsory e.g. below


3. Optional to select an activity :

Badminton, Hockey, Ten Pin Bowling, Volley Ball (as per screen shot above)


Linking Activities – examples:

  1. Athletics is linked to Aerobics so if you select Athletics you must also select Aerobics

Aerobics is not linked so this activity can be selected without having to select Athletics


2. If Volleyball is selected then Basketball must also be selected

If Basketball is selected then Volleyball must also be selected


3. If Tennis is selected you would have to select Basketball because this is linked you would also have to select Volleyball


4. Swimming is compulsory

[Choice] will be numbered in the order they are selected

To link a activity – click   and select an activity from the list- click the link again to remove

A link will be added to the activity along with the name of the linked activity

Note:  Tick any Compulsory activities – if you tick one activity as being compulsive in a Mutually Exclusive group all the others activities will be ticked

Use the X to remove any activities, this will also remove a single activity from a Mutually Exclusive group


Next step to set the parameters and send emails with a link out to appropriate students see  Step 2 click link