Online Order Entry – Overview




Online Order Entry provides the facility for staff or Department Heads to order items from within their departmental budget. To achieve this, a department must be allocated a Project Code (Sub Account) which is tied to the relevant Account in the “Chart Of Accounts.” A budget needs to be allocated, as well as a coordinator nominated.

Once this has been completed, a workflow can be created to determine the decision making process prior to the order being approved. A workflow can be applied against any number of projects. To complete the set-up, the Project Code is associated with appropriate workflow. It is at this stage the the decision makers for the project are nominated, as well as the Standard Report which governs which Ledger Codes the person will see whilst creating an order. The security is based on the logged on person’s “User Rights Equivalence.”

The following are the steps required.

  1. Allocate the security to the users (Back Office).
  2. Within the finance module set up a project codes. Each project is a sub-account and is allocated a “Project Coordinator.”
  3. Create Posting Accounts.
  4. Allocate the Posting Accounts a budget.
  5. Create a Ledger Standard Report to show the Ledger codes appropriate to each project. Ensure it is set to “Publish for Project.”
  6. Ensure Creditors are set up for users to order against.
  7. Within Spider, create a workflow. A workflow can be applied against multiple projects.
  8. Associate projects against a workflow.