Parent Portal 2019 – Setting up your Payment Portal

You will need to have Spider Version 2019

Through the PCSchool Web Application – ‘Spider’ – caregivers can now pay school fees and sundry fees via a secure payment portal.

New users using the PCSchool Payment Portal you must:

  • PCSchool ‘Spider’ Web App must be installed and in use.
  • Subscribe to a supported payment gateway provider.

Currently supported providers are:

Schools have two options how to give the Caregivers access to pay their fees – see the manual on  “What caregivers see”

Note: if you wish to use a Payment Gateway provider that is not listed (ie your bank – you will need to talk with them and see if they can manage online payments. Please note this can take a while to get approved.

We can work with your provider to allow this, however there will be a fee involved in this of $100 per hour +GST ($AU).


Payment Gateway Options:

You can use the PCSchool Spider Payment Portal to connect to the Payment Gateway in two ways.

  • The first option sends the user to the Payment Gateway company for them to do the processing directly on their secure site.(Static IP)
  • The second allows you to process everything via PCSchool in the Spider and requires secure layer setup to talk to the Payment Gateway.

Option one is the easiest and most secure option as it does not require as much setup in Spider and may not require regular updates to communicate with the gateway company.


Setting up Payment Portal in Spider

Path:  Scholastic > Utilities > Identity Management > Active Directory

You will need to have your Spider URL entered

Spider > Setup and Utilities > Spider Management > Portal Administration > Payment Portal Setup

[Payment Gateway Settings]

  1. Select [Payment Gateway Settings]
  2. [Pay Type] – Select from the drop down which payment setting you wish to create or alter :
  • Fees
  • Donation Portal
  • Foundation Portal
  1. [Provider] – select from the drop down your Provider
  2. [Name] type in name
  3. [Logo URL] – paste your URL from your Provider – their logo will appear as follows on the caregivers screen:

  1. [API Username] *
  2. [API Password] *
  3. [Encryption key] *
  4. [Policy URL] – paste your URL from your Provider – the Privacy policy will appear as follows on the caregivers screen:

  1. [Biller Code] *
  2. [Merchant ID] *
  3. [API Signature] *
  4. [redirection URL] *
  5. [Surcharge Rates]:
    • Option 1:  If your school charges e.g. 2% over all credit cards, debit cards then you would put a 2% under surcharge – this would then create a receipt for e.g. $100 to the family and $2 (which would go to a ledger account for bank fees)
    • Option 2: Leave this amount blank and talk with your Payment Express provider – they can charge different amounts for e.g credit card or debit cards.  The surcharge is then deposited to your bank account by Payment Express – a  manual receipt will have to be entered to pick up this amount.
  6. [Currency Code] – from drop down AUS or NZD
  7. [Proxy Host] *
  8. [Port] *
  9. [Payment Reference Change] *
  10. [Paypal Email] * 
  11. [Default Tender]
  12. [Payment Cutoff Time]
  13. [Default Bank]
  14. [Terms and Conditions] – type in or put a link in for your schools terms and conditions [SAVE]
  15. New Icon – [Auto Receipting] – this turns off automatic receipting

Note:  *  (your provider will give you these details)

Changing Payment Headings

Spider > Setup and Utilities > Spider Management > Portal Administration > Payment Portal Setup > [Payment Portal Defaults] Tab

The headings can be changed as follows: