Payment Plans – advising Parents on a Periodic Plan

Periodic Payment Plans (note: only works for Periodic Plans)

You can now advise caregivers of their payment plans that you have set up –

Example of Periodic plan setup against Debtor Master File

Note – this email will send to the Account Email address e.g.

Step 1:  Debtors > Account Printing

Select [Use Family Tag set]

  1. Select [Debtor Info]
  2. Select on the [Debtor Periodic]
  3. [Add to List]
  4. Shows selection – you can untick if you do not wish to send to that family)
  5. [Return All in Grid]


Step 2 How to email

Example of email that they will receive – also this will send a copy of their statement:


To Email – from Account Printing – after [Return all in grid]

  1. Select [Export to Mail]
  2. [Print]

Yes or No to Split Billing

  1. Select [Message Template] of Pay plan overdue or where you wish to save this template
  2. Type in your [Subject]
  3. Under [Message Test] type in your message
  4. Select [Insert Periodic PayPlan Amt]
  5. [Save] will save your message so you do not have to type again
  6. [Return and Process]

PrintQ will come up – so you can process the emails