Payment Portal – 2019 Caregivers using the Online Fee Payment

What your Caregivers will see when logging in to Online Fee Payment

Note:  Security required #583

If you wish to disable your Payment Portal remove the security from your caregiver

Step 1:  Sign in to Spider

  1.  User name – issued by School
  2. Password – issued by School
  3. [Sign In]


  1. Select [Pay Student Fee]


Note:  Your Headings may be changed see Changing payment headings

  1. [General Credits]  Shows any credits attached to the student/s in the family.
    These may include discounts, rebates or refunds applied to the students account. Or overpayments usually relating to Cost centre 1 Credit
  2. [Overdue Amount] Shows any overdue charges from prior year applied to the
    student/s through Debtors or Sundries in PCSchool.
  3. [Outstanding Amount]Shows any current charges applied to the student/s through
    Debtors or Sundries in PCSchool.
  4. [Other Payments] Shows any charges e.g. eForms, school trips, uniform
    deposits or donations. See Setting up Other Payments on how to create.
  5. [Select to pay all outstanding amounts] Press this button and all transactions that are outstanding will be selected to pay
  6. [summary] Summary of the total amounts outstanding – and after selecting the invoices you want to pay – it will put the total under Selected to Pay
  7.  [Individually select outstanding amounts] – Place a tick in you can now select the payments you wish to pay.
    [Pay all outstanding amounts]
    [Make a partial payment of amount] – If you wish to make a payment of e.g. $50 type the amount here it will automatically select invoices to pay and take up any credits but you can select the invoice you wish to pay.
  8. [Agree to Terms] After you have selected the amount to pay put a tick in the Terms and conditions A popup box to [Proceed to Confirmation Page] select this.


Example of next screen:

e.g. elected to pay $950.00 then have accepted terms and conditions – this screen pops up to
show what you are electing to pay – once you are happy with this press [Confirm Payment]
or back to fix


Check to see the amount is correct

  1. [Confirm Payment] or [Back]


  1. Check amount to pay
  2. Enter your [Credit Card No.}
  3. [Name on Card]
  4. [Expiry date]
  5. CVC from back off card
  6. [Submit]

Confirmation of transaction:


Receipting will automatically write back in to PCSchool Debtors:

Where it has applied to:


If for some reason it has not been applied automatically see this link for instructions