Payment Portal 2019 – Disabling Automatic Receipts and Receipting them in Back office

Disabling Automatic Receipts

Path:  Spider > Setup& Utilities > Portal Administration > Configure & Customise > Payment Portal Setup

Remember at End of month or End of year you will not want receipts to go in if you have not finished the month rollover – so you will need to disable this as follows:

  1. [Auto Receipting] removing the tick will stop automatic receipting

While you receipts are turned off your Caregivers will not get a correct balance of the amounts that they have paid.

Path: Spider > Portal Administration > Configure & Customise > Payment Portal Setup >  Payment Portal Default tab

You may wish to alter your message until you place the Tick back in Auto Receipts.

See setup for further details.

Once End of Month or End of Year has finished replace the [Tick]

Note:  All batches receipted automatically in back office and will be unfinalised batches.

Receipt the missing batches into PCSchool

Path:  Spider > Finance > Finance Dashboard > Bank Reconciliation > Online Payments

  1.  Click on the [Process] icon  – it will then transfer the receipt to Debtors in backoffice

This screen will show all Error messages etc


Example of Receipt in back office: