Payroll – Deduction after tax using a Pay Table

If you have a deduction for staff that have the same amount deducted as an after tax deduction – you can use a PayTable to do this as follows:

Step 1:  Create your Pay Codes

Set up as required under your Pay codes.


Step 2: Make up and link the Pay Table to this code

To start [Clear All]

  1. [Pay Code] select a not in use
  2. [Description] type in description you wish to use
  3. [Type] select [PT – Pay table]
  4. Pay table information copy as per screen shot above (Rate per hour – can be 0.00) generates amount from #6
  5. [Code] select the code created above  e.g. #22
  6. [Rate per Hour] type in the amount required to deduct from each pay – this is the one you change
  7. [Account & Sub] select the general ledger account code to use
  8. [Save]

Step 3: Under each [Payroll employee view] > Std Pay

  1. Select [code] required
  2. Check the [Account & sub act] change if required
  3. [Save Standard Pay Item]
  4. [Save/No Clear]

Note:  As you are using a Pay Table this is not picked up as s Deduction so you can not alter when generating pay under the [Pay Deduction Review] screen


When you generate your pay it will update the deduction to the amount in the pay table, so if you have a change from week to week this is easily changed thru Step 2.