PCSchool – the complete school solution

Software Design 

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PCSchool is future focused, flexible, customisable and current with the trends in Student Management Software. 

Our software is continually responding to the needs of our users. With over 30 years in the industry, servicing schools in many jurisdictions, results in our SMS being inherently flexible. Recent developments have seen us leverage our advanced technology and experience in the New Zealand system to produce very timely user-focused Analytics  that are faster and more powerful than any available from our competitors, and this all automatically delivered to Teachers, Parents and Students via a Web interface.  Within 2 years PCSchool will be totally Web Browser based. The PCSchool Spider is current, fresh and very powerful.divider

PCSchool uses a ‘rock solid’ MSSQL backend on a Windows Server with our Spider web interface using Windows IIS . It is written in .NET specifically with HTML5 and JS Query responsive interface.

That means PCSchool uses the most powerful database engine available, and the only database endorsed by MOE and NZ government. Our programming languages of HTML5 and JS Query are the most current languages used world-wide to produce industry leading responsive totally compliant Web Browser connection, available anywhere on the Web.  Other competitors have software based on proprietary products such as File Maker that lacks the power or flexibility of MSSQL. It is not part of the MOE IT road-map and carries a per user licensing component.divider

PCSchool will be a totally web based product by 2020.

There remains a Windows Client application component although the remaining “Back Office” components are being written over to browser as a matter of urgency. Our anticipated timeline would be full Admin/Curriculum to browser, and full Financials by end 2020. Most teacher, and ALL caregiver and student interaction is currently through the web browser.divider

PCSchool provides a hosted solution for schools under 250 enrolments/or those requiring 3 or fewer Administrative users (Back Office).

Once written to be totally Web, PCSchool will offer a full cloud service as an option removing any need for schools to manage their own hardware. This Software as a Service will not be based on a “Hosted” pseudo windows client environment but rather because of our technology a fully “elastic cloud solution”. PCSchool is forging forward embracing the technology maintaining a freshness that is not available in products relying on older technologies.divider

PCSchool allows for Active Directory (AD) authentication as well as having an internal Username/Password setup option. It provides Single Sign On (SSO) compatibility using Shiboleth.


PCSchool integrates with Learning Management Systems (LMS) including Firefly, SchoolBox, Scholaris, SEQTA, NZ Interoperable Solutions and many more.



Software Features

PCSchool offers a total School Solution including:

Full Financials

With a powerful Debtors package that allows bulk billing based on year, class, subject, sport, status and more. Billing macros that enable complex fees to be billed at the press of a button. Smart discount tables for sibling discounts, staff discounts, parish discounts and more.

A flexible General Ledger with customisable chart of accounts, quickly produced GST returns and budgets across three years. Browser based financial reports with full drill down including cash flow forecasting.

A solid Payroll program that tracks leave accruals, pay table advancements, electronic Payment Summary processing and emailing of payslips.

PCSchool also has integrated Creditors with online purchase orders based on workflow. Creditor invoices then feed into the Asset Register, allowing monthly, quarterly or annual depreciation. Point of Sale for use by the Uniform Shop, Canteen or Bookshopdivider

Customisable Student Assessment Reporting –

Web based result input via Markbooks with formulas or simple point and click result entry screens.

Parent reports can be emailed and saved in PDF format in the students Document Manager for access by staff and caregivers at a future time.

Results are stored across the enrolment life of the student allowing longitudinal tracking of student progress across key subject areas and standardised tests.divider

Parent Teacher Interviews –

Integrated with student subjects and allows a simple point and click booking process.

Parents access booking screen via email link or logging onto Parent Portal. Allows for group bookings, one on one, double bookings and simultaneous bookings (where mum and dad seeing different teachers at the same time) and split families (where mum and dad each get their own booking screens)divider

Integration with the best Timetabling packages on the market –

Including ASC Timetables, TimeTabler, EdVal and more.


eForms to provide data aware forms for Parents, Teachers and Students –

Parents can complete Enrolment Applications with file attachments and application fee payments, Student Absence Notification, Excursion Permissions and school surveys quickly and simply online.

Staff can submit Leave and PD Applications, Excursion Proposals, requests for Reimbursements or submit referrals to key staff (Counsellors, Principal, Special Needs).divider

The PCSchool Community App is a user centric, data connected Android and Apple OS App –

Allows for push messaging to notify users of alerts and general communications sent from the school. Caregivers can report absences, find relevant staff contacts, see absence and timetable information for their students, as well as receive newsletters.divider

Responsive Analytics

Teachers can graphically review class Attendance rates as overall, separated by gender and ethnicity, by month or day of week, and drill down to individual student attendance. Attendance anomalies can be viewed and investigated by staff based on year level and individual class. Parents can access Attendance Analysis for their students.

NZQA Assessments,  National Standards and NAPLAN can be reviewed for year levels with drill down on individual students to monitor their progress. Providing graphical analysis of their achievements to date including University Entrance status, Vocational Pathways and more.divider

Multiple options for Communication –

PCSchool offers inbuilt General Messaging via SMS or personalised Notifications via our Apps. Plus bulk eMail and personalised eMerge abilities.

Teachers can quickly and easily email all caregivers of a class or activity to remind of excursions or invite to class events.

Sickbay and Behaviour allow instant notification to parents when an incident occurs. divider

PCSchool has GateKeeper to track who is at your school –

Record students as they sign in late or leave early.

Monitor visitors, their purpose for visit, contact details and when they expect to leave.

Track relief teachers hours as they sign in to start work and sign out at the end of the day.

This is fully integrated with the database and provides duty of care in the event of emergency and evacuation.divider


  • The use of the E-forms for collecting enrolment information has saved around 200 hours of staff time
  • We had an instance of another school ringing our school on pressure from parents asking what school interview system we used as they had feedback from their parents asking why they didn’t use the same system as us as our system was so easy and all the information they required was available from the personalised link
  • Gatekeeper has enabled us to better manage music Itinerant lessons
  • The NCEA and Absence live reporting has enabled our staff to understand the data better and at a glance keep an eye on student achievement